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Get a calculation of how much you can pay

Are you to pay instalments on your debt to public authorities or to have part of your salary or wage withheld as payment for the debt? Do we know all your income and expenses? This may be of importance to the amount you must pay.
You can submit a budget and let us calculate whether you are paying what you can afford.

Send us your household budget if we are to make a new calculation

When we collect your debt, we calculate what you can afford to pay. We do this based on our knowledge of your income. You can get a new calculation based on the finances of your entire household if you:

  • have high fixed expenses for, for example, rent, children, medicine or other public debt
  • are or will be paying monthly instalments on your debt under an instalment payment plan, or know that we will deduct part of your salary or wage.

We may reject a request for a new calculation. We may do so if a new calculation will not change the amount you can pay.


Frequently asked questions about budget and calculation