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If you can´t pay your debt

Contact us if you are having problems paying your debts.

If you are having problems paying, you can apply for an instalmant payment plan, a recalculation of what you are liable to pay, deferral of a payment or a cancellation of debt.

You can apply for

Power of attorney

If you need another person to act on your behalf in connection with our collection of your debt, you must make a power of attorney. You are welcome to use our proxy form. You can find it on the page Fuldmagt (Power of attorney)

We continually assess whether debt should be written off

If we write off your debt, you will no longer owe the amount. You cannot apply to have debt written off. We will notify you if we write off debt of at least DKK 200.

You can read more about when we write off debt at the page: We assess whether debt should be written off.