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Pay your debt

If you want to pay off your debt, please call us for a chat about your options.

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Pay off your debt

  • Before we start collection of your debt
  • In addition to what you already pay through, for example, deductions from your income
  • When you want to pay off all the debt at once or in instalments

Debt calculator

Get an idea of when your debt can be fully paid off by entering your debt and monthly repayments:

Our debt calculator for guidance

We use your payment when your debt has been resolved

If we know that we can collect your debt, as a rule we will use your payment in the course of a few days.

If you have unresolved debt, which is debt for which we suspect there might be errors in the registered information, or which may be barred by limitation, we will have to investigate this more closely before we can use your payment.

If we need to investigate the debt for possible limitation, as a general rule this will take up to 30 days from our receipt of your payment. If we suspect errors in the registered information, the investigation may take several months.

As a general rule, we must use your payment within 12 months of our receipt of the funds.

Contact us if you have unresolved debt to the public sector that presents problems for you, such as preventing you from being able to get a bank loan.

Read about unresolved debt


If you are having trouble paying your debts, you can explore different options on the If you can't pay your debt page.

Frequently asked questions about payment

You can read more about the rules in section G.A.2.3 “Dækningsrækkefølge” (Sequence of cover) of our Danish-language legal guide, which you can find at skat.dk/juridiskvejledning.